Why Helen Chose Rosevel Aesthetics

Why Helen Chose Rosevel Aesthetics: A Tale of Quality, Speed, and Savings

Today, we want to share an inspiring customer story that highlights the perks of choosing Rosevel Aesthetics as your go-to supplier of aesthetic products.

Meet Helen – a dedicated aesthetic practitioner like you, always looking for the best solutions to serve her clients’ diverse needs. For a long time, Helen would source her aesthetic products from suppliers in the UK, battling high shipping fees, cumbersome custom taxes, and unexpected delays.

However, things changed once she discovered Rosevel Aesthetics.

Helen recently ordered two products worth €184 from a UK-based supplier. She was charged a staggering €25.64 for shipping, and her order was held in customs, racking up an additional €48 in custom taxes. To get an order worth €184 delivered to her place in Ireland from the UK cost €73.64! This is 40% of the value of the order!

Not only did she incur extra costs by going through the customs process, but it also meant her order was delayed by several days, causing major disruptions in her service to clients.

Helen jumped on Google to find a solution and found us, Rosevel Aesthetics. She discovered a more straightforward and cost-effective solution. She placed an order to test the waters and we promptly delivered everything the next day.

Since we’re based in Ireland, within the European Union, Helen’s order bypassed customs entirely, eradicating the additional €48 she’d been previously charged. Overall, Helen made a substantial saving of €61 and avoided any hassle with customs by choosing Rosevel Aesthetics.

This is what Rosevel Aesthetics promises: Quality, Speed, and Exceptional Value. We stock an array of internationally recognized brands, including Lumifil, Revitrane, EPTQ, Jalupro, and Starfill, among others. Each of these brands is renowned in the aesthetics industry for consistently delivering quality, efficacy, and proven results.

Our commitment goes beyond providing superior products. We understand the pressures aesthetic practitioners face, including the need for swift deliveries and the desire to avoid unnecessary costs. That’s why we leverage our strategic EU location to provide fast and cost-effective deliveries across Europe, bypassing exorbitant shipping costs, long waiting times, and customs delays.

As Helen discovered, switching to Rosevel Aesthetics means getting your preferred aesthetic products quicker and at a lower cost, enabling you to continue delivering top-notch services to your clients without any interruptions.

We invite you, like Helen, to explore our product range and experience the Rosevel Aesthetics difference. With our robust product lineup, competitive pricing, and speedy EU-based deliveries, we’re here to help elevate your aesthetic practice to new heights of success.

Switch to Rosevel Aesthetics today – save money, save time, and deliver superior services to your clients without any hassles.