My Profhilo Box Doesn't Have a Hologram.. Is It Fake (1)

My Profhilo Box Doesn’t Have a Hologram.. Is It Fake?

At Rosevel Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, genuine aesthetic products to our valued customers. Recently, there has been some confusion regarding the authenticity of Profhilo products, particularly due to the introduction of holographic labels by another distributor, HA-Derma Limited.

We want to assure our customers that our Profhilo products are 100% genuine, sourced directly from the manufacturer and authorised distributors. The absence of a holographic label on our boxes does not mean the product is counterfeit. We have obtained all necessary certifications and declarations to confirm the authenticity of our products:

These documents are a testament to our commitment to providing only the highest quality products that meet all EU regulatory standards. Additionally, we want to reassure you that you will be fully insured when using our products. Your safety, trust, and peace of mind are our top priorities.

At Rosevel Aesthetics, we believe in maintaining transparency with our clients and ensuring their peace of mind regarding the products they use. We understand the critical role trust plays in the aesthetics industry, and we are committed to upholding that trust by providing transparent and accurate information.

Rest assured, we sell genuine Profhilo products.

By choosing Rosevel Aesthetics, you are guaranteed to receive authentic products that are fully compliant with EU regulations and backed by necessary certifications. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we strive to ensure you have complete confidence in our offerings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction and confidence in our products are our top priorities.

Thank you for choosing Rosevel Aesthetics as your trusted partner. Explore our extensive range of aesthetic products and discover how we can help enhance your practice and deliver outstanding results.

Experience the peace of mind with our genuine Profhilo products.

Thank you for your continued support.